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Fan assembly blew up, found a replacement from...

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Last night on my way to a car show, my fan shroud fell down. My fan blades hit it and the blades all sheared off into a plethora of plastic shards all over. I had to rip off all the broken blades and cracked fan shroud and drive it home to pick up my Probe for the night. The fan assembly had major play and was wobbling like a bat out of hell. Crap.

Anyways, I head to the junkyards today and find NO MKII's. Now this is in South Phoenix, AZ which has hundreds of junkyards. After a while and about 6 yards, I gave up. On my way back with the only things I found being a perfect condition T3 turbo, some gas struts, and a shift knob from a 93ish celica I saw a black MKIII with every body panel smashed into oblivion. No wonder I missed it, I decided to check for turbo parts. It ended up being N/A but the fan assembly looked identicle. I took it off, and got away paying only $15 for it, $40 for the turbo and $6 for the gas struts. sweet!

So the point of my post is to let those of you like me who didn't know that the fan assembly (clutch, blades, pully etc...) from a 7MGE bolt right up to the 5m.
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Yeah 7MG fan actually has more blades and cools better, its perfect for cooling a boosted 5/6M, good find!!!!
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