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I love Final Destination 1 & 2. I laughed my $%^ off at #2 (yeah I'm a little sadistic :) ). The BBQ at the end was great, totally unexpected. You can't top the bus in the 1st one though. I liked Elm Street #1 & 4. I loved the dude on the bike in #4, "Do you feel the need for speed!!!" I never got into the Friday the 13th movies, they kind of became a joke after awhile. That trucker dude at the beginning of 13 Ghosts was bad$#% :shock: . The Ring was good but I didn't consider it a horror movie myself, its more of a mystery than anything. The sublimal type stuff was great in that movie. I can't believe you actually found the Blair Witch project scary Christian. I'm still pissed off about seeing that movie in the theater. I think Halloween 1 was about the scariest I've seen though. Mike Myers is just creepy as hell and the music just makes the movie.
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