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Fiberglass body parts

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If anyone is interseted I am going to try and put together a list of fiberglass body parts for the mk2. Just list what it is you would like to see and I will look into getting carbonfibrefx to manufacture them. Hopefully we can get a few good group buys going out of this. reply with a new idea or if you would be interested in one that is already listedl, that way I can gauge the leve of interest in each piece.

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I like the hood they have but if they could make one that was cowl induction instead of the front scoop I think that would look cleaner. 8)
Not really a restoration piece but the piece that goes between the header pannel and the rad support that CFx makes for the MKIII would be really nice. I know that they make it in Carbon but I would take glass or anything else.
1 - 2 of 54 Posts
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