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Finally got my pics to post!. :D

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Here are just a few of my Supras. These of course are my favorite and my keepers. Hope you guys like! Let me know whatcha think. (Look for the Silver MKI in the background of one of the pics. I just love Silver. :D )

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OOOOOOOOOOOO clean mkII i can tell just from the far away pics that that mkII is clean... hows the engine bay and interior?

oops sorry for the caps... too late im not retyping it.
HEHEHE,.. the MKI is one I just got. Was given to me. :p It's a '79 with the Dove Tail spoiler on the back. Pretty straight car. DOesn't run though. (of course) 5M-E still in it though,.. and I would about bet that it might run with a little TLC. The engine in the MKIII is going into the MKII. The MKII is presently engineless. Engine bay will be spotless when I'm done. :D MKI may get a good 5M-GE or something if the 5M-E doesn't work out. The MKIII,.... I have BIG plans for,.. but I dont think you guys are ready for that. I'll wait until you get to know me better for that one. MUUAHAHHAHAHAAA.. :twisted: I'm working on getting all my Supra pics hosted. Shouldn't be too much longer. Maybe by the end of the week, and you'll see LOTS of pics of other Supras I have. You needing anything for a MKI? I do have a parts car also, since you put interest in the Silver one. Let me know. :)


You have a PM....

Post a picture of that dovetail spoiler!!!! I want to see this.

79..... Are you sure it's a 5ME???? (unless someone did a motor transplant). 81 MA47's had the 5ME, the 79 - 80 MA46's had the 4ME.

Would like to see some interior pictures also. I need a drivers seat bottom, BUT it has to be for a 81 interior, the 79 & 80 is different.
I am absoulutly sure the '79 has a 5M-E in it. I do still have the entire drivers front seat out of the '81. But I'm in South Carolina, so let me know if it's worth your while to ship it. Unless you're just wanting the tracks,.. and that shouldn't be too bad then. Be gald to help in any way I can. :) PM me and let me know the details or your car and project.


For the seat, I need the seat bottom upholstery... Assuming that it does not have any rips or holes in it. The seatback itself is fine. Post pictures when you can.

Hrmm.... Sounds like someone did a motor transplant....

Will try & PM you tomorrow on the details of my Silver Slug project.
5M-E questions...

Someone may have. I haven't got really familiar with the MKI yet, but I do know its a '79 form the date code inside the door jam. Contact me when you can, and tomorrow I'll post up some numbers and codes form the data plates,.... maybe this is one of those freak mid year change over things... :?: We SHALL SEE!.. :d

Three generations in silver! Love it! I think silver is the best color for a MK II.
Three Generations of Silver Supras,...

Ya,.. now do you think any of the "QuickSilver" MKIV guys would come off their throwns long enough ot take a group picture when I'm done with mine?! lol It sure would make for a nice screen saver, if not a poster or something..... :deal:

Scotty :D
Downshift said:
Three generations in silver! Love it! I think silver is the best color for a MK II.
I totally agree! I'm a silver guy too!
LOL i do agree silver looks great on the mk2, i preferr the two tone blue and silver but still the silver looks great wither its all silver or part silver :wink:
hey, here's some pics he sent me a few weeks ago, I thought i'd post them up for him!

I want!!!
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wow nice dovetail! she needs some work but shes all there... giver her some TLC and she'll be a beauty once again!

where are u from? i'd love to see that mk1 at a meet sometime, im from san diego.
ArchangelSerra said:
wow nice dovetail! she needs some work but shes all there... giver her some TLC and she'll be a beauty once again!

where are u from? i'd love to see that mk1 at a meet sometime, im from san diego.
he is in Upstate South Carolina, thats a long drive from SoCal :wink:

Something looks a little odd here!!!!

The side mirrors show that these are the latter 80 - 81 style mirrors!!! Unless someone swapped the doors as well.

79 mirrors should look like these:

I just thought of 1 more thing to look for on the firewall dataplate. Can you see what the rear axle code says on the dataplate??? It's either a F312 (3.91 non LSD rear) that came on the 79 - 80's, or a F302 (3.73 non LSD rear) that only came on the 81's.

What is the month/year on the buildplate??? Remember, the model switchover/transition period occurs around July/August of the calendar year, so if the build plate says September or October of 79, then it's actually a 80 model. My 81 MKI has a Sept 80 build date, so I know for sure it's a 81.

Got any interior shots??? This will help clue me in as well. The console is different between the 79 and the 80/81 style. If it's the Cloth interior, then there are differences also (79's have the loud/bold zebra like stripes, 80's have a zig/zag pattern, 81's have the little polkadot pattern).

Nice picture of the hatch!!!! As I've mentioned in the past, the 81's w/ the Performance Package option had the rear spoiler mounted on a Celica hatch, it's a PITA to mount a 81 spoiler on a normal looking MKI Supra hatch.

P.S. The 93 - 97 Alpine Silver color would probably match up better in a multi/4 gen picture, since Quicksilver is just a little bit darker, than Alpine.
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Welcome Scotty!

Judging by the way the mk2 is sitting, I assume the motor is out?

Also, I like the raw aluminum look of your silver mk3's wheels. You can buy vinyl tape which has a brushed metal look to it - I'd apply that to your center caps. Looks incomplete without the hubs IMHO.

Nice collection.
Whew just got back.. :)

Ok,.. thanks guys for all the great compliments you've given me. :D I cant remember who wrote what, but I'll just start with what questions I do know was asked.

First, yes, I did find out the car is really an '80. When I first opened the door to read the year, I thought it said April of '79. It inturn came out to be August of '79. I loooked again under the hood, an low and behold, it said it right there that it was an '80. :shifty: So please forgive me for my mistakes. Now the '81 parts car DOES have the 5M-E engine and I must have remembered the valve cover sticker from there and just assumed it was the same engine. WRONG! It does in fact have the 4M in it. My cameras batteries are on charge now to be able to get massive pics of both MKI's.

Second, thank you so much BlackDawg for posting those pics for me! I tried posting them myself, but found out the have to be on a server to post them. I have a buddy with a sever now and he's going to add a spot where I can access and add pics as I please on his, so MANY pics will be on there way. :D

Third, yes, the MKII is engineless at this time, and is in waiting for the 7M-GTE from the Silver MKIII sitting beside it in the pics. The 7M only has 114,000miles on it, but does have a blown headgasket. I'm going to take it out and put ALL of my good stuff on it that I've been collecting for a long time. (injectors,AFM,MHG,ARP studs, 57-1 with 10degree clip wheel and some other goodies, JBL MKIII long branch turbo elbow, SAFC,).. you know the works.. :wink: I had pondered doing all of this to the MKI and making an old school drag car. But I'm kinda scared that I would be tearing up something that is too rare to ever replace. I know there are a lot of 7M MKII's out there, so the thought of a really strong built 7M powered MKI would be a scary car to pull up beside, on the street or the strip. Especially with the ease of being able to put in a stronger rear diff. as easily as it would be. Ahhh delimas delimas! lol

Greg G, thanks for the compliment on the raw aluminum wheels on the MKIII. I think that look on a Silver MKIII is one of the best choices for wheel for the car. I didn't put the caps on as I was in a hurry to try to take pics before I ran out of light. I had just changed the wheels right before washing them both and didn't want to drive 2 blocks over to my grandparents place where I store a lot of my parts and pieces. If you look real hard, the car doesn't have but about 2-3 lugs on each wheel anyway. Trust me, I was limited on time, but it'll all get put together right soon. :wink:

I think I'm going to post a poll to see what you guys think about the 7M idea and what car to put it in. Maybe the input from you guys will better help me decide which way to go with my projects. And just to let you know, I'm going to be ordering a right hand drive clip from JARCOfor the MKIII project. Now I know you guys are thinking, here comes another 1JZ guy, but I have a better one for you! I'm ordering a 7M clip, with 5-speed and Digital Dash. I've already talked to the South Carolina Highway Patrol and DOT here, and they said that there was no reason why I couldn't build a right hand drive car. :twisted: So I'm going to cut up one of the MKIII's and reconnect the clip so I'll have the right hand drive stuff and still have the 7M and a left hand shifting 5-speed. Just my little way of staying different. :D I dont know what it is, I'm just like that for some It's going to take time, but I imagine all 3 cars will have turbo 7M's since I'll have 3 complete 7MGTE's to my disposal. What do you guys think?? Check out the poll about to be posted in the restoration talk section. Come and vote and help me decide!. :D Thanks guys again for all the great compliments!

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how many cars do you have in that yard ya got there? hehe. anymore sleeping beauties you haven't shown us? hehe. Personally i like that beaut in the back there with the tire on top.. lets see ya drop a 7m in that baby.

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LOL Pruner! Sorry to say that that '63 Chrysler Newport has already made its way to the crusher. If you look slightly to the right of the Newport, you'll see an'83 Lincoln Continental that has my 9" Ford with disc brakes. I have MANY cars, mostly parts cars for other cars. But if you look really closely to the pictures Black dawg posted of the DoveTail spoiler, you can see in the background a few other MKIII's on the right side, and my Green '69 GTO Judge car with dealer installed Tri-Power. And those are only the beginning! If you look in the background of the passenger side shot of the MKI, you'll see my wifes red 77' Trans Am(she also drives a '75 Catalina with a 400 as a daily driver),a '74 Trans Am I just traded a '79 Z-28 for, a '77 Catalina parts car, and if you look closely, you'll see the nose of my rough '79 Trans Am WS-6 10th Anniversary car, an'80 Trans Am WS-6 parts car. Then, at my granparents place, a '55 Chevy 2 door post 210 model, (currently engineless), two more MKIII parts cars, and the two MKII parts cars I have. Not to mention the '63 Ford Falcon 2 door post and the '69 short bed Dodge truck that you might can see a glimpse of in the background of one of the pics I posted, both which are willed to me from my grandparents, but I already drive them from time to time now. :) I'm in the process of clearing out all the parts cars and junk cars to be able to narrow down and keep the keepers so to speak. Also put up are mounds and mounds of other parts and pieces. Some old domestic stuff, some old MKII and beyond Supra stuff. Also have a spare 9" Ford with drum brakes, and a Mopar 8 3/4" rear with bolt in axles. (Came out of that same Newport you circled. I have WAYYYYYYY to much :roll: I've owned 18 Supras so far. 2 MKI's, 5MKII's, and 11MKIII's How about you guys? Any giant Supra collections that anyone else owns? I'd love to hear the stories!

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