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Finally pics of my BABY MY 83 P TYPE

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Thats My BABY,

Thats my System, box, amp,cap,6*9s,and woofers

Thats the wrecked side of my car, a 2003 sport trac did that, and you should of seen the sport trac it couldnt even start, i know now how our beloved mkII are built rock solid

Thats my 6m with rabid chimp intake k&n filter,brand new Power steering pump and all hoses,brand new belts, and the 80 amp alternator,and in 4 days brand new rack and pinion,

Thats my 130 mph speedo and my broken wiper switch lol

And finally thats me
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cool pix...but do the old edit and delete on the 2nd one...time to turbo that sucker.
Same Lookin Wreck

On the right side of your MKII looks almost same :shock: damage as when I bought mine, right in between the right door and fender. So instead of me trying to fix the door and fender & straight'n and bondo'n I'm replacing them. But because of this I got my MK II for $200 plus bad motor,torn up interior and bumpers too. But now all the my new parts get to be from different years :D

Looks like at one time, it was Terra Cotta in a previous life???

Looks like at one time, it was Terra Cotta in a previous life???
yep when i bought it it was terra cotta, but more like rust brown if you ask me, well its still performs better than it ever did,
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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