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batmobile said:
I would leave it in, but that heavy metal bumper, can be fixed with a fiberglass replica. You can save 20 pounds up front and 20 pounds out back if its made right. As for the foam, I would leave it in, but I would replace the metal bumper with something lighter, but still make it so it will take the brunt of the impact.
let me get this straight... you want to remove a steel bumper support that saves your life, and replace with a fiberglass to save weight.. are you STUPID? ever seen an exploded corvette in a junk yard? umm fiberglass is not all that cool when smacking something at ANY speed.. you have your fiberglass weight saving bumper.. ill take steel ANY DAY and after that.. well do speed tests.. same speed to same stationary object. well see who's car gets fkd up first and the worst.

just my rant and .02
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