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I have a 1983 Toyota Supra that I have decided to sell.

It appears to have all its original paint (except for a drivers door repair/repaint).
It has: Sunroof, and factory 5-Speed with a cloth interior.

The cloth interior does not have any tears in the seats or door panels or headrests. The armrests are in great condition. I think that the drivers armrest has a small area about where it is usually grabbed to close the door that has a tear/separation. At the base of the rear side windows, the vinyl looks fine except for a small area (both sides) where there is a tear/separation next to the speaker grille.

On the drivers side of the windshield (the black header outside that holds the windshield up) there is a spot that has rusted through. I covered it with windshield leak repair compound to keep it dry. The cowl area looks fantastic. The grills are there and on each side (near the hood mounts), the factory paint is there and present without any rust visible whatsoever.

The engine area factory paint is exceptional and shiny. The valve covers could use some replacement paint.

The car is an original CA Blue Plate Supra, that had its original plates on it when I purchased the car. It was stored the former owners garage (in San Diego) where he occasionally drove it around the block. It was last registered in CA in 2005. I had the car shipped to me in Oregon and registered it. I have been driving the car around town where it gets plenty of looks and thumbs up.

I have a few thousand pictures of the car so I can send photos of any area you want to see.

The car is especially clean underneath and on the inside of the quarter panels (where I was able to take photos and the underside). This is how So. Cal cars look like underneath. The car's paint shines on the sides but you can clearly see that the roof area has thinned and the hood will shine but does have defects. The back hatch looks good but does have some thinning paint. The hatch did have some seepage of water but has only a couple of very slight 'rust' areas (not bigger than 1/4") so I used some windshield repair compound to follow the rear window down the sides and the bottom part. I can easily send photos of the very small areas that have been affected. The mount around the rear windshield wiper does not have ANY rust.

This car does have a few nicks and scratches indicative of a 37 year old car.

This car looks really nice and rust free. The rust I did find is: At the left quarter panel (very, very, very small amount located where bumper attaches to QP) AND when opening the drivers door right about where the entry sill starts to slope up towards (about the size of a quarter) the striking plate AND at the passengers door sill area a two small pieces. This car is especially clean under the hood (engine does need a steam cleaning) and the sill areas around the doors and the hatch area. The drivers quarter panel has a slight dent with a ding on the lower part. I have many pictures of all these areas that I can send.

I have driven it over 1,000 miles locally. When driving the car, I do notice some sounds coming from the rear end but the car runs and shifts like it should with a tight engine. When I let off the gas while in gear, the car starts to slow down immediately. I had the trans fluid and Differential Oil changed. When first starting up, I sometimes get a puff of smoke. When the car is started and the weather is cold or moist, I can hear a sound that appears to be a pulley squeal? It stops after a couple or minutes or when it warms up. This does not happen when its dry and warm. I'm not a mechanic so I do not know what the sound actually is coming from. I do not see any leaks on the ground where the car is setting.

I have only been driving the car around town because the tires are very old. I had the car transported from San Diego to my town in Roseburg Oregon due to the old tires and that the car was stored in the previous owners garage.

The sunroof opens and closes in a very tight manner and DOES NOT leak.

I would feel better speaking to anyone that is interested in this car so that I can describe its "personality". The car is located in Southern Oregon.
I get my e-mails the old fashioned way so If I do not respond right away, please be patient.
Payment via Wire Transfer then car will be available to ship after payment clears
e-mail [email protected]
Thank you,
Will Smith
$5,600.00 Get it before its GONE!!

[email protected]
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