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Ok guys, you've all seen the results I've gotten with this combo. Now I'm selling it. This is the same exact combo I've used to make the 520whp in my the 1J at 17-18psi on 93 octane pump gas. This is all you would get

- Blitz ECU (8500rpm rev limiter, no speed cut, no boost/fuel cut, set for 440s)
- Emanage Blue (already set up for the 1JZ engine)
- Emanage Basic Harness
- Emanage Ignition Harness (for timing control)
- Emanage Injector Driver Harness (for individual injector control)
- Emanage MAP Sensor (set up for up to 3bar)
- Emanage MAP harness
- Emanage O2 harness adapter
- Emanage Knock harness adapter

So basically with this set up you can run up to 720cc injectors and have FULL Eman control. I've already updated the Emanage unit with the latest update from Greddy's site.

The ECU and Eman are already wired together, so this is plug-n-play. If you use 650cc injectors then it's already tuned as well.

Asking $1000 for all of it. I would prefer not to split this up.

You can pm me, email me, and I'm on AIM and Yahoo Messenger as well.
[email protected]

- Armin
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