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Having one post per item takes up way too much room. Please list all items in one thread. Please use common-sense and courtesy when posting items for sale.

Addtionally...please include the following when posting something for sale. It's a HUGE help to the potential buyer:

  1. location <--- if you're in Uganda and the buyer is in Idaho :wtf: it's probably not gonna work out too well
  2. price
  3. pictures
  4. condition
  5. contact methods
Without these items, you force the buyer to send you an email (if you have your valid email address listed on your forum account) or to send you a PM on the forum (which some folks aren't good about checking at times). Most buyers would like to see the best/fastest way to contact you ... listed right in your post.

Also, buyers beware: will not be held responsible for your private dealings with forum members.

If you lose money on a transaction, if the deal goes bad or what you bought is not in the condition it was represented, it is strictly between YOU and the SELLER. Pay attention to post counts and the date the seller joined our forum. When you send someone (who is an unknown) your hard earned money, you are running a risk, so please use caution AND common sense in your dealings with new members.

For Potential Buyers:
The For Sale forum is not a place for chatter. Only Post if you are interested in BUYING the item(s).

Post ONLY if you wish to buy/trade for the part(s).
All other activity will result in posts being deleted.

Thanks! :D Admin Team
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
Not open for further replies.