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Hi I'm not new to this forum but I have not been an active writer.

My name is Johannes and I'm from Sweden, I've built a 2jzgte swapped ma60 since 2010.
Known as Viktorsson in the roll call list and on Instagram.
Just sold my car and have some parts left to sell.
I just need some post to be able to post pictures for my ad in the for sale thread.

I'm gratefull for all the information I got from you guys over the years, nice forum :thumbsup:

I have an old acount but I dont know how to reach it, i think they have the same email adress.

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Hey,thanks for being here!
A lot of forum members are on *Instagram *and they can see your post of Supra parts for sale.
You are NOT a new member,but your original name has been misplaced with your posts in the past.
We have a lot of forum members in the EU and that would be better for shipping costs for them.
Welcome back,Johannes.
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