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ford motorsports remote oil filter kit

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found a ford motorsports remote oil filter with hoses for $100. in edmonton alberta.
his number is 780-471-2011
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just get the summit brand remote mount for a 5.0 mustang for ~$50. same thing
I need suggestions on where to mount the oil cooler and remote filter. I will be picking the AN fittings and hoses tomorrow. Keep in mind that I have a starion intercooler to mount as well. Thanks
My oil cooler is mounted right behind my intercooler and my remote oil filter sits back by the fire wall where the winshield washer fluid tank USED to be. Fits very nicely there and makes changing the filter a piece of cake. There is also room behind the air dam to mount the remote filter over by the passenger head light.

Windshield washer fluid now resides in a bag from the rear window of a Toyota 4X4 and hangs off the divers side fender. Shawn Pease or Don C. can tell you which 4X4 the bag came out of. Works perfectly, just doesn't hold as much fluid.

You can use the 4-runner rear water resevouir or even the one in the rear of a supra for the hatch squirter.4-runner just seems to "fit" the best,bolts roght to the drivers shock tower.
Great ideas guys,, thanks. I The windshield bottle is out and thats where the filter is going..

Thanks , as always you guys are a great help.
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