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Front BBK upgrade and wheel bearing install: Step by step w/ pics

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Well, after sitting on the JDK BBK for years (since the first GB), I finally got around to installing them. I decided that while I was at it I'd also replace the wheel bearings. I haven't posted on CS that much lately, so I figured I'd take pics and actually contribute something for a change :) Heres the how to:

Jack the car up, place it on jack stands, and remove the front wheels.

Remove the grease cap by prying it off with a flat tipped screwdriver:

Remove the nut cover and the cotter pin which holds it in place. It may help to tap it out with a hammer:

Remove the nut:

Remove the outer bearing washer:

Remove the outer bearing:

Now, remove the hub assembly from the spindle. It may slide out by hand, or you may need to use a 3 jaw puller to get it off. My driver's side came out smooth, but my passenger side needed to be pulled:

Once you get the hub off, flip it over and remove the dust seal. It's in there pretty good. Place a block on the disc for some leverage and use a large screwdriver to pry it out:

After you get the dust seal off, remove the inner bearing:

Clean the inside of the hub thoroughly. There may be some metal shavings, so make sure you get it good and clean:
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nice pics and explanation. question: can my 14" rims fit with the bigbrake and wats the part # for the caliper and bracket
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