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I was reading through my copies of the old Toyota Celica Supra Club newsletter, SUPRA-SONIC! and I came upon 2 articles that may still be of interest to those who still have original front suspensions (original bushings from Toyota). I realize that most higher mileage cars have had their suspensions rebuilt long ago, but for those of us with low mileage original cars, this could answer a long standing issue.

Front Steering Shimmy in 1982/3 Celica Supras

48674-19105 CUSHION, STRUT BAR 1984/5/6 $41.53
48674-19058 LH, Cushion, Strut Bar 1982/3 $42.07
48674-29045 RH, Cushion, Strut Bar 1982/3 $37.75

Both the original 1982/3 and the 1984/up front strut bar bushings are still available from Toyota, albeit WAY more expensive than they were in 1984!

Article from Supra-Sonic! Newsletter of the Toyota Celica Supra Club Spring 1984 Page 18

Steering shimmy
– From the January 1984 Road and Track, “Technical Correspondence” column, pg 134: “At 55-60 mph there is a shimmy in the steering. Above 65 it seems to diminish. I have tried numerous makes of tires and aftermarket wheels, only to find the problem just as bad as with the original tires and wheels.”

R&T response: “—for owners who are bothered by such vibrations, hard bushing for the front-suspension struts are available. These may increase harshness ever so slightly, but indeed they’ve become the standard bushings on the 1984 Supras.”

Editor: First, we suggest you get your wheels spin balanced on the car and have tire roundness checked. Then take a test ride to determine if you still want to invest in the bushings.

Article from Supra - Sonic! Newsletter of the Toyota Celica Supra Club Fall 1984 Page 17

Harder Bushings
We have received requests for the part number on the stiffer front-suspension strut bushings mentioned in the spring ’84 issue, page 18 They fit ’82 to ’84 Supras and Celicas, and should be available from your dealer. The part number is 48674-19105. Suggested retail price is $11.25 each ($22.50 for a set). Assuming your wheels are balanced, and your tires and rims are true, these bushings, which are standard on the ‘84s, should reduce or eliminate the shimmy described in the Spring ’84 issue.

I figured I may as well post this so a snippet of information learned long ago is not lost to future generations!


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Dale, Great read Thanks for sharing!!


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Poly strut rod bushings is a fantastic upgrade on any mk2. Since its the primary point that keeps the single pickup lower control arm in place, it has a massive effect on steering feel and getting rid of squirm while transitioning through corners and braking hard. Bonus, the strut rod bushings have minimal effect on NVH as the inner control arm bushing and upper strut mount are the main attachment points for the front suspension.
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