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I'm about to get a pair of Eibach springs for my front coil-over set
up. It's a suspension system that is comprised from two different
springs. A small progressive tender as Eibach calls it and the main
spring. These two are fitted to the same strut, one on top of the
other and they provide a coil-over set up with progressive
characteristics. In order for Eibach to provide the correct rates and
lengths they asked for:
i) the length of the coils at ride ( static
length of coil when fitted )
ii) Load at ride ( this needs to be confirmed by checking the corner
weights of the car )
iii)Damper travel from static ( bump and rebound travel of the piston
rod ).
Would any one have the answers on these questions. I have a 7mgte on
and I have uprated my front struts to fully adjustable Ledas(bump,
rebound). If anyone with a 7mgte conversion has corner weigh his car
I would be obliged if they could provide the info.

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