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front windscreen removal?

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how do you remove the front windscreen without breaking the strips that run around the edge of the glasS?

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Do you mean all of the windshield trim that is on the sides???

You don't....

Trim pieces come off first.
yeah thats the stuff im talking about. so the glass comes out without touching that?
im trying to take the glass out.
Uh no.... Trim stuff has to come off FIRST, then the windshield can be removed.
the strips come out first
then the glass.

iirc there was a post that discussed how to remove them, i think you have to take off one of the corner pieces, then slide out the top part, then the sides.
dogstar has it correct, trim comes off first.

This is where it get's interesting....

Sometime close to the end of the 84 production (sometime during the June production dates), the windshield trim design got changed. From 82 - late 84, the top trim & the sides were all metal, starting sometime in June of 84, they switched to plastic pieces on the sides, but the top piece was still metal.

Does anyone have a 82 - 84 TSRM handy that explains how to remove the metal side pieces???

For the plastic ones, it's pretty easy. Unscrew the tiny little phillips head screw that is at the bottom of the trim near the door (you have to open the door to get to this screw). Slide the trim downwards, so that the trim comes off of the retaining clips. Remove the upper corner trim piece, then slide the upper trim piece out (don't pry it off). THEN you can take the windshield off!!!!!!
cool, thanks guys.
its an 82 ma61
will try to take the windscreen out tomorrow

car is currently off road being prepped for painting.
modifications to car while this is being done, are side trim holes filled in, and new clear side indicators to replace broken factory ones.

colour will be mitsubishi red, same as gtos evos etc
My windshield leaks. So I found out after parking it on level in heavy rain, wondering why I couldn't get the window the defrost. Low and behold there was a nice layer of water over a good portion of it. =(

Means I win the "Who gets the garage fight with my gf"
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