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Nothing left for sale. The chassis is stripped and heading to have a cage installed.

1984 Brown Supra with Maroon interior. I pulled it out of the woods in TN and now it's in the Atlanta area. 232k miles, non running and probably hasn't run in quite a while. W58 trans and diff are there although I can't tell of they are in good shape.

Most of the engine and parts under the hood seem in place. Interior is junk. Exterior trim is junk. Hatch is rusted. Mirrors, Fuel tank, left taillight look ok.

Let me know if you are looking for anything. I'll be keeping the rolling chassis and body panels.

Update on parts that get sold
Spoiler, Under-hood fuse box, NOS Mudguard, A/C compressor, Igniter and coil, Door handles, Fan shroud, Hatch shade, Washer fluid bottle, Fusible link, Coolant overflow bottle, Catalytic converter, Mirrors, Antenna, Exhaust midpipe and hanger, exhaust tailpipe, power steering hoses

A new find 3/3/20: I was pulling the engine today and found this hiding in the engine bay under the brake booster. Is it the OE unicorn battery hold-down? It has surface rust but is fairly solid. Sandblast and a little paint would make a serviceable part.

I need a gas tank for my 84 supra
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121 - 122 of 122 Posts