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What is your First & Last name? Sam Collier
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Ad Description:

1. R154 transmission with Marlin Crawler upgraded thrust bearing and billet bearing retainer plate..
this transmission has a new from toyota shifter with all new bushings and has the tripod style shifter..
This transmission has the Soraer bellhousing for those of you that want to use it behind a 2jz or 1jz..

2. Drive Shaft Shop drive shaft to fit this transmission behind a 2jz in a 1995 240sx with a Q45 diff..

bellhousing and transmission but i have since swaped out the shifter housing

transmission and drive shaft..

DSS drive shaft with Q45 flange

upgraded marlin crawler bearing retainer but you cant really see the bearing..


I would like 1k for the transmission with the upgraded parts new shifter and bellhousing

I would like 300 for the drive shaft

this would be perfect for someone looking to do a 2j/1j swap into a S14 240sx..

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I already moved your thread to the For Sale section yesterday...
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