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Vancouver BC Canada

Some negotiation on price. Shipping extra and i charge only ship cost at the best rates i can get.

Send your PM's regarding any questions etc. Send postal code for ship quotes. Most shipping will be within North American, but i can entertain some ship quotes over seas.

-C's short throw shifter (R154 W58) $200
More pics later when removed for sale

-Apexi N1 authentic (some scrape/dent) $80

-RC 550CC injectors $380 clean flow test

-Flex a lite fans $Sold

-Koyo Radiator $Sold

-R154 tranny $SOld

-MK3 LSD diff $40 (spare i pulled from wreck)

-OEM New lightly used 7MGTE R154 Clutch pressure plate $Sold
-Clutch 3 puck disc clutch net Lightly used 7MGTE R154 $Sold
-Release bearing (Newer) 7MGTE R154 $Sold
-Flywheel balanced and lightly used 7MGTE R154 $Sold

-Tookwick IS300 coil pack mod. 7M $150

-3000 pipe ful 3" modified 7M $60

-LIPP Fuel pressure Dampener removal kit 7M $SOLD

-Supra AFPR fuel lines braided suprasport kit Hoses only. $80

-Walbro 255 HP fuel pump $70 including 89' cressida fuel pump hanger $SOLD

-Relocated alternator bracket (custom hand made) Comes with custom belt length and all hardware. 7M $SOLD

-Maft Pro system Plug N play for 89+ 7MGTE ECU. Set for speed density & spark control. Current tune will fire up and run a motor with 550CC's If you have larger or smaller you just scale the main scale fuel trim. Set up for wideband input & also boost control option. ($500)

-7M/GTE front sump oil pickup screen for 7MGTE pump (Tig Welded) $Sold

7M Alternator $30

Steering wheel HUB Brand HKB Comes with a toyota horn button. MK3 supra $40

7MGTE intake manifold (was from 7M cressida.) $50

7MGTE intake manifold upper/lower with throttle body etc... This manifold was sand blasted and de-carboned completely in and out. It has high heat clear coat. $80 + ship

-Intake gasket for 7MGTE upper plenum/lower runner joint. 17176-42020 NEW $10
-AC belt NEW 7MGTE $25
-5/7M A340 flex plate dust shield $10
-Crank pulley bolt USED $8
-flywheel bolts (6) used $5
-7M fuel rail $10
-EGR VSV 7M $25
-J-tube Block off plate from 7M cressida $20
-7MGE PCV pipe $8
-7MGTE PCV pipe x2 $8
-7M thermostat housing (both parts including piece that bolts to head includes sensors) $30
-7MGE cressida distributor $25
7M starter M/T $40
-7MGE coil + igniter $25
-7MGTE oil filter housing (disassembled & cleaned) $30
-7MGTE EGR vlave $30
-5MGE EGR valve $5
-7M rad fan clutch (no fan blades. Brown water pump hub) $5
-7MGTE boost pressure sensor (for OEM dash gauge) $20
-7M MK3 supra upper motor mounts 89+ aluminum upper mounts for round style rubber mounts. $30
7M P/S idle up hard line $10
7MGTE CPS (good cap, broken plug) $50

Airfilter adapter 6" airfilter to 3.25" transition $30

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I have for sale a Maft Pro system i was using on my 7MGTE with an 89+ plug n play harness (grey plug ECU)

**OK before you say DAM i don't have an 89+ ECU/harness... that's not a problem. I have a spare main harness and can still sell you a Maft Pro as described however you will have to splice it in to your car***

Items included
-89+ 7MGTE MT ECU modified for HAC signal input from the Maft pro.
-Maft pro unit
-Main maft pro harness
-GM air temp sensor
-GM 3 bar map sensor (speed density mode)
-Speed density harness (air temp + MAP sensor plugs)
-CD containing related install and tuning documents i have collected.
-The Maft Pro is loaded with my tune for 550cc injectors on an unknown fuel PSI... Its not a tune you can go start boosting on.

Features and description
-You will have the full ability to tune your motor Low, Mid, High loads in many RPM ranges from 500 to 8 or 9Krpm
-You will want to have a wideband for accurate tuning
-You will have a voltage log/view of the ECU VF fuel trim diagnostic through view of one of the AUX inputs (Aux1 or 2 i cant remember). Allows you to know how hard the ECU is working to maintain fuel trims or if it is happy so you know if your tune is doing ok or if it is too rich or lean.
-You can allow the pro to take full control over IDLE and cruise fuel tune by disconnecting the OEM O2 sensor and feeding wideband input to the Maft Pro. (Part throttle AFR tracking)
-Timing monitor degree advance
-HAC signal output to the ECU allows the maft pro to make barometric corrections to your tune based on altitude by feeding the 7MGTE ECU a constant baro signal so the OEM ecu does not also make corrections and confuse things. While it is not needed it is the best situation to allow the maft pro to make the calculations.

-You have the option to add electronic boost control in the future.
-You have the option to add timing control through RPM range you can +5 degree or -10. The timing control is a tad tricky to get working and should be left for last once you get a good tune and find you need timing control to get a better tune. I had to do some external wiring with resistors to make the motor fire up. You may or may not have to do this but it is documented on in the supra section or i have the info.

I will give you all the printed pages and stuff related to the pro which i have. It has version 5.03 firmware. I don't recommend doing any firmware changes as the one loaded on the unit works well and has all the features you will ever want. Newer firmware versions don't mean they are better than the last rather it means they are adding functions for other users / car applications to the main code. Sometimes if you keep up on the forums you will read a newer version has something you want, but likely not. So it is best for this reason just to stick with what works.

I will provide you the tunerpro software and a serial cable to use and link the computer to the Maft pro for logging, tuning, downloading and uploading your tune for saving or re loading to the pro.

Maft Pro PnP unit as described above $400 + ship

I have a wideband i will be selling for $250 + ship
Innovate LC1 wideband controller & LSU o2 sensor and XD16 gauge display (have original box also)

Shows spare main maft pro harness and the sensors

Shows the Innovate LC1 XD1

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It is a universal turbo N1

4.5" exit
3.0" inlet
6.5" body diameter
13.75" body length
4.75" tip length from body

Inlet pipe length is aprox 7" and can be trimmed to whatever length you want

List updated slightly.

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Good Seller. He sent me a Tracking number as soon as it left his hands and to the Postal Service. Hopefully they dont loose it.

Thanks Boltz
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