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if yer running an 82 then you are probably around 35PSI in the feed line, so any adapter you use better be damn good!
I have had success clamping HP hose to steel line with 2 - 3 worm clamps, but I wouldn't suggest it for a non-race car.

If the steel line that is left is still workable (not too embrittled or rotted) then there are fittings you can get to do a brake-line-style add-on which will give you a barbed fitting to clamp to.

As to hose, there are some excellent fibrous-core HP fuel-grade lines out there, go shop, and , please, DO NOT be cheap about it.

The amount of high-test that gets spewed about when the pressure side lets go is stunning. (BTDT) lol

Another option to consider when mating poly line to steel line is to get fittings clamped to the poly line by a reputable hydraulics shop, then you can just bolt up and go!

And yes, methinks about a 5mm ID would do fine!

Just my 2cents.
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