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FYI/Thorley Header-O2 Sensor

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When I first got my car, I used a Bosch O2 sensor, and it passed emissions . I recently failed emissions, and broke down and bought a factory sensor $98. Between tests I had put on a Thorley header. Comparing both O2 sensors side by side, I see why I failed. The Bosch is so short at the tip, that it wasn't even in the exhaust stream. The Toyota sensor is much longer at the tip, and was designed to work with the header, that was, at the time an OEM accessory part. This was an expensive mistake trying to save a few bucks. Live and learn.
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any suggestions to go about cleaning the EGR and stuff? i really need help with this. My car hasnt passed smog and i have like 1 week until my free re-test is void. my cat is pretty much dead so i bought a new one (im sure that shuld help) I failed on the NOx. but this is my total reading ill scan it. btw it says the test weight on the car was 3.3k LBS. arent these cars supposed to only weigh like 2.4k? jeez. oh yea, and i also bought a cooler running thermostat tho my car was never overheating, it was always just a nudge under half way. SO maybe it is a dirty EGR? any suggestions? id really like help on cleaning the EGR or watever please =\ thanks

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