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Turns out the 84 I picked up has gasadjust KYB rears. As many have noted, they are a little rough. Speed bumps and other dips cause quite a bang in the rear. People sitting in the back get quite a shock!


I took my favorite 180 degree on ramp and I gained about 12 MPH around it vs the Celica All Trac. Even as the tires started to complain the car was very manageable and I felt every bit of the road. These are great shocks for abuse!

If you are single, don't mind the rough bumps, and want something to make the rear handle these are for you!

I'll be taking these off in favor of Tokico at some point as they are a tad too rough for the daily driver comfort I was looking for.
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I've heard that the Tokico HP are even stiffer. You may want to try the adjustable's. That way you can dail in how hard you want them to be.
I recall the HPs not being quite that stiff, but it has been many years.

I have HPs and my old set of Tokico Illuminas for the rear. I'll be trying both at some point.
I have gas-a-justs in the back and I LOVE the stiffness, but I think my front structs are stock Toyota and quite mushy, I want to replace them with gas-a-justs, my questions are:

Where to get the best deal on a front set?

And would having softer shocks in the front cause more or less overstear? (or other handling probs)

hypothetically speaking, less.

btw, they dont make front gas-a-justs. tokico hp will be your best bet.

anyone have pics of the gas adjusts for the rear? my new 84 has a very stiff rear suspension and it is quite pleasing compared to other mkii's ive had. i havent had a chance to pull a wheel off yet but the shocks are white and i dont know of any shocks that are white. also, they appear to be new so must be something still in production or the origonal owner had a parts stash.
uhm, they say "gas a just" on the side. =)

um duh, but with the tire in the way i couldnt see. its at my aunts house so i wont even get to check till the weekend.
Patience billy boy. Patience.

Aside from that and being white, they look like every other shock in the world.

well, ive never seen any white ones. gabriels are black, monroes yellow, kyb gr2's are silver, stock toyotas are black. konis are red or yellow so far those are the only ones ive seen for the mkii.
Tokico Illuminas are white as well. You can spot these if you remove the rear shock cap, there should be a little adjustment screw.
i know, i didnt think of that till i left, im dieing with anticipation. i will go by saturday and take one of the rear wheels so i can check the rear shocks and see what sway bars are on it.
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