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General Banter

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Well, I have been informed that I've been lacking alittle banter..... here goes nothing........

I'm presently cruising Peterborough (UK) in my boyfriends Supra (and loving every mintue of it)

I was sorely unimpressed the first time I saw it, until I got into the passenger seat and he drove... OMG!! :shocked!:


I have since gotten a friend of mine in the car and had her squealing in her seat.. (She knows even less about cars than I do..) and promptly asked where the 'Little lights were and the Knightrider music!!!'

The Supra is now fondly known as the KIT-CAR by we girlies. :oops:

Sorry guys... But I am learning how it works too, Helped Chestwig fix the gearbox last week (well I watched and held tools)
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What every Supra wrench-turner wants is an official toolholder.
Bethy said:
mmmmm Heads....

head, values and stuff......

gosh I'm getting excited now.... GREASY!!!!
head? who said head? I'll take some of that!
A few years ago, while in the military, I worked with some RAF flyboys and anytime one of them heard the word head said aloud he would sound out "Head?" and the whole bunch would chime in - "Who said head? - I'll take some of that".
Is that a Brit thing? I mean I have only heard that from Brit military members and wondered if that was something said a lot over there or just guys in uniform with too much time on their hands.
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