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General Banter

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Well, I have been informed that I've been lacking alittle banter..... here goes nothing........

I'm presently cruising Peterborough (UK) in my boyfriends Supra (and loving every mintue of it)

I was sorely unimpressed the first time I saw it, until I got into the passenger seat and he drove... OMG!! :shocked!:


I have since gotten a friend of mine in the car and had her squealing in her seat.. (She knows even less about cars than I do..) and promptly asked where the 'Little lights were and the Knightrider music!!!'

The Supra is now fondly known as the KIT-CAR by we girlies. :oops:

Sorry guys... But I am learning how it works too, Helped Chestwig fix the gearbox last week (well I watched and held tools)
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HEYYYY :shock:
:roll: Why do you guys always get to thinkin Rude stuff :boobs:

I really have NO IDEA where you get the idea that I think like that :dancin:

I'm just a sweet lil girlie :angel: and would never think like that...

EVER!! :twisted:
I pull the handle brake HARD,,,, That is right isn't it?

NOoo, I'd never put lives at risk for a quick feel.... :eek:nfire:
*THINKS* :brownnos:

I'd maybe give it a tickle and a promise though!



Da Supra Addict
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:pat: I never realise how much lubrication nipples required!!!

maybe I'm OVER DOING IT!

Advise please Guys!

I've never had trouble getting them off :lol:
*can't help but think about what a glass of cold water does to NIPPLES* :shocked!:
mmmmm Heads....

head, values and stuff......

gosh I'm getting excited now.... GREASY!!!!
Sorry, I got alittle OVER excited then.... :whistle:

*calmly takes a seat and tries to calm down* :whistle:
I wasn't thinking any other type of head, except on your shoulders Stephen... honest ! :angel:
well Elmer was kinda cute.... shame Bugs wasn't a gal.. he'd have pulled :wink:

*wiggles into a cute bunnygirl outfit*

Will this do?

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*quickly realises she is being watched.. and pulls on a robe*

Sorry :oops:
well you see... he can only cope with me for 4 weeks at a time.. then he needs a 2 week break to recover.... and rest up!


*composes herself*

my apologies, Too much info!

I love Chestwig to bits really and I'm SURE he can tame me.....eventually :wink:
Well my father was a RAF chap.. and I can't remember him ever saying that!!!

But I guess military guys will take what they can get when they are away from home!


Maybe it's just a general GUY thing.. but of course, not said when your beautiful young daughter is around... LOL :rotfl: .... or maybe a general Military guy thing...

I'm not sure.
I know I wouldn't say anything like that :angel: But then I am neither a guy nor military.

THAT'S ME.....sweet and innocent !!
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SH*T Prince Charles???

*bows* HI Big Ears, How's you?

You know Princey, you're much better looking up close :wink:
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