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Going Forged Pistons... What Type is best ??

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Looking for users of forged pistons. What type do you use and what is the cost? I will be putting forged in my 5mgte...just dont know what brand yet. Also where do i get them..
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hey tony hows it going?

Anyways everyone i know of has either gotten custom made JE pistons for about 600-700 dollars. Another brand would be Ross Racing Pistons and i believe you can get them for 600 shipped. You would want the compression down to about 8.0:1. There should be some guys on here who you could get in touch with in providing info on where to get them. You could talk to aaron garney maybe, or 3000ccmk2 i belive thats his sn not sure though.

keith black

I have heard of these in the reading i have been doing.... I have also read about Keith Black Pistons... They say they are so hard that they have to cut them with a diamond blade... but thats all i am looking for is good reliable and durable pistons. (For a reasonable price).

My project is going good so far... engine is apart and everything looks fine....slow cause i only work on it on the weekends but good.

any how... keep the comments coming people... i need good feedback on this one..
Although I haven't used forged pistons yet, i know afew mk3 guys up here that have done so. From what i've seen the Ross pistons are the least expensive and from the mk3 guys I know that have them none have complained about them. I've heard a few rumors of the JE's being noisy, but have never heard this noise.

I think there was just a huge GB on Ross's on the 'other' forums. Wiesco is another brand to consider. My x-mechanic used them exclusively on all his street/race porsche's and swore by them.

I'm not an expert on the subject, but i know when i build my turbo beast, i'm going to go for the best price at that point in time. I know(or have known) people using all 3 brands, all being well over 400hp and not one complaint.

Forged 7m pistons from Ross Racing retail just over $700. They come with spiral lox, chromoly taper wall wrist pins, and a full set of rings. Pretty good price. If you want custom forged pistons for your 5m/6m engine from Ross, I can get them to you for $875. Why more expensive? Its because they are custom. Ross stocks two sizes for 7m pistons, but don't offer a "stocking" set for the Mk2 Supra. I've never heard of anyone having issues with these pistons, and have seen them put to use a a few Mk3 Supras. For $875, you get a custom compression ratio as well. Ross is a very good company to work with (working with them now for two years). Turn around time for Ross custom pistons is 2-3 weeks. Take care folks.
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