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Going to make the big purchase

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Ok have decided that its time to upgrade from the celica GT-S into the Supra world after looking over this awesome website. I do have a few questions I hope that you can answer.
Does the car have a timing belt or chain?

The vehicle that I'm looking at is an 84 and after reading the road and track review I was wondering what you guys thought of this comment on the A/C."We found that automatic temperature control tended to warm the air somewhat with the air compressor off and the control at its lowest setting.So we used the A/C more than we wanted to. Is the automatic climate control a pain or what?

Thanks for any info and armed with my great "buying a MKII" check list I'll be ready to make the big purchase
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who actually uses the A/C? i just roll my windows down, unless its like 110 degrees and dry as an old womans...well lets not go there, but yea, this is the first car with an A/C and by habit i dont use it cuz i forgot i have one. and yea, when u put it on auto it practically does nothing. and if its that hot, why wuld u want auto? slam that mother to full blast
Timing belt. Change it every 60K miles.
I would also venture to guess that the A/C systems on most MK2's do not work anymore. When I had my car I spent big $$$$ trying to get ti to work and it never quite did. Due to the age of the car and the 1 zillion lines, hoses, valves, etc. you will probably have a leak somewhere.

Case in point: Tommorows east coast meet will have several garage queens there and I bet maybe 2 out of 6 have working A/C.

Hmmm. Is this a poll question? How many of you Mk2'rs have working A/C?????

Phil G.
my a/c works just fine, i just dont use it and i thot it was a timing CHAIN not belt?
My a/c has always worked and I converted it over to cfc-free two years ago.
its a belt. I never use the auto mode, just use manual settings in its fine. The only quirk, is that once it warms up, only the first few clicks on the left of the temperature selection ever get used. Anything beyond 1/4 to the right is too damn hot! But those first few clicks can usually get the temp just right :)
Out of four supras in my life time I have only used it three times in ten years.
I spent in the neighborhood of $1600 replacing every piece of the A/C in my silver 85 over several summers between 97 and 00, much of that in lost r-12. It now works fine but for how long who knows. My red 85 got a new condensor, compressor and dryer in 98 by the previous owner at a cost of about $800 and it worked fine up until the end of september this year. I've got some o-rings to replace on top of the compressor - just haven't done it yet cause its cool outside now. After spending thousands in a futile attempt to try and stop a/c leaks in my old supes, I'm now going to try a different approach. I'm just going to buy cans of that r12 drop-in replacement stuff like Envirosafe and every time it gets low I'm just going to charge it up again. I figure for the same thousands of dollars it would cost to stop all the leaks so it'll hold r-12, I could buy a twenty year supply of that other stuff.

Phil D.
some people have found that duracool works well for leaky systems...
propane based product, so im not sure about the flammability, but it should be safe.

sure gives a nice cold blast when you use it...thinking about keeping a/c in my car, but its probably coming out for weight savings.
My take on the Auto A/C system, specifically when the fan switch is on Auto.

In my Redpra in the wintertime, I tend to use it quite a bit, mainly because it warms up the interior pretty fast. It particularly does this when you have the "air" setting on either Bi-Level, Heat or Defrost. It doesn't really do it as much on Vent, but that's because I discovered that my face is being blasted w/ hot air on that setting. Even w/ the temp lever moved all the way to the left & the fan has settled down to the slowest setting, I still have quite a bit of hot air coming out, unless it's not really that cold outside, then the incoming air is not that hot. If it's really cold, then it's still hot, but the fan stays at medium speed & rarely drops down to low (remember, the Auto setting automatically slows down the fan speed as the interior starts to warm up).

Now unless my car is behaving "oddly" in the wintertime (it has always been like this as long as I've had it), I "think" the magazine article mentioned, is trying to say that the Auto A/C system tends to warm the interior up too much & they had to hit the A/C switch to on, so that the incoming air was not quite as hot.... That's my take on it.

In the summertime, I never use the Auto setting.... I've discovered that the Auto setting tends to warm up the incoming air just a tiny bit if you have the A/C turned on. Since I usually want the A/C in the summer to be freezing cold, I just use the other 3 manual speed settings.

For the most part, I think the Auto A/C system seems to be doing it's job & I have no problems with it. The instructions in the Owners Manual can be a bit confusing (mainly the "Auto" function), and I had to read it several times to understand it, but after awhile, I managed to figure it out. If it starts to get too warm, I just take the fan off the Auto setting & move the air lever back to Vent & that will bring in some cool air.

My only minor gripe is that I wish that the Auto A/C system in my Silver Slug would work just as nice. I'm finding that the MKI Auto A/C system turns the fan speed down too early & I have to move the temp lever up to the ~75 - 80 degree mark to keep the cabin warm.... Or if I really get frustrated, I'll manually move the fan switch to medium. The MKI Auto A/C system is a rather crude/too simple of a system that does not really work that well. Might be because it does not have the air temperature sensor setup (like what the MKII's have w/ the little fan thing underneath the center console), and it does not have the ambient daylight sensor on the dash.

Okay, I'm done babbling. Hope this clears up some questions you had about the Auto A/C system. If all else fails, just be like everyone else & don't use the Auto setting, the other 3 manual fan speed settings will work just fine.
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Phil G.

Yes, the Redpra has functioning A/C. Has a very very minor leak in it, I usually have to charge it up every other year (it does not completely leak out, it's just not as cold). Other then that, it works just fine. Used it in Vegas, the air coming out of the vents was at 38 degrees F. (I have a vent thermometer that checks to see how cold the air is). Still on R12 as well.

Unfortunately, the A/C in the Silver Slug is not working (what a surprise). Had the system recharged & within a month, all of the R12 was gone, so I've got a leak somewhere. Shawn Pease took the car to his usual A/C guy & HE could find the source of the leak w/ a sniffer.. May have to use the dye test next. Now I've noticed within the last month or so, the bearings on the A/C compressor are getting noisy. Fixing the A/C on this car is going to be one of the VERY LAST things I do... As long as the Redpra has functioning A/C (and it only gets used in Vegas, or when it gets over 90 degrees in Seattle (about 2 - 3 times a year), then that will do.
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Malibyte said:
Timing belt. Change it every 60K miles.
non-interference to boot. So it it breaks you aren't scrwed like the 22r
Big Purchase

Thanks for the info you guys gave me. I was'nt planning on using the A/C all that much anyway just wanted to know what your guys opinion on the whole system was. I'll have to wait to try it out, as the car that I was going to purchase has already been sold and now I'm once again on the lookout for another possible purchase here in Colorado. :roll:
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