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Up front I have yet to decide on a firm price, if you are interested shoot me a number and we will work from there.

Also, I am in discussions with some-one at the moment, but of course it's never a done deal until it's a done deal.

Up for grabs is my '84 P-type mk2.
The body has 260,xxx miles on it (though you wouldn't know as it rides perfect).


It has front end body damage (see picture) (my neighbor backed up into me while i was in bed sleeping). Nothing major, i will throw in the parts needed to replace the bad (except the reinforcement cover with the decal that was the replacement)

Hatch has full fledge rust spots (see picture) but will either replace it for you or just throw an extra hatch with VERY minimal surface rust in the vehicle you drive to pick this one up.

Needs new vent covers.
Has A/C, but couldn't get the compressor to engage automatically (no it's not a leak and the pressure switch is brand new from toyota) so i wired the compressor to the green toggle switch you see in the pic. condensor and fans and what nots work correctly so i'm not worried about frying anything.

Needs new driver side power window control coover.

Has top end noise. (i'm 99.9% sure that the cams are just getting worn. so though you hear the damn ticking atleast you're not going to blow up).


Rebuilt bottom end. (maybe 30 miles since i screwed the last bolt in). Have not went over 3,000 rpm. Definately being babied.

Entire engine has been painted (see pictures), for anyone that actually cares. Yes it is lime green and black! I was going to just keep it in my new shell which i was going to paint, you guessed it: black and lime green, but ended up deciding on swapping it with my 6m. So it looks pretty.

Power steering

Two 10" electric fans in replace of stock fan clutch/ fan.

New radiator and hoses

Pace-Setter Headers with 2 1/2" straight pipe with Flow Master Exhaust ending with a down-pipe not some muffler piece that is 12" in diameter. (sorry all you rice burners, this isn't Fast and Furious) Nice hollow pitch.

Yes the sun-roof works, as well as the power windows and locks.

New brake pads and rotors

Seats are in good condition only the normal rip that every supra has in the driver side seat.

If you have any questions or want more pix feel free to ask.

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is it smogged, tags, pinkslip?
im in modesto and your handle suggests you are not very far from me
im interested in purchasing for cash money but im a little curious as to what made you feel the need for the racing stripes and that rediculous engine color if you decide on a price pm me with your phone number and we can talk about this more
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