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OK most of this was in another thread. I am duplicating it here to make the information easier to find in a search thread. Sorry for any redundancy.

So I picked up a new shifter boot from redline. Good quality but the color was way too light. Also sourced a worn modestly worn oem shifter knob. I got a shoe repair shop to redye it to a darker blue color to closer match oem. I think it looks great. Picture below shows the redyed boot and knob next to a removed center console (for color comparison) sitting on my new carpet which I am installing tomorrow. Thread on that to follow.

worn knob

Here is the boot before being dyed, which was more bright.

I asked the shoe guy what the name of the dye was. It was called Meltonian Navy Blue. Available at the following web site.

I paid for the guy to do it for me $24. But I probably would have ordered the product and applied it myself if I had known where to get the product and that it was the right color. only $6.50

In case you are considering a similar project might want to give it a try.
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