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Good old Supra memories

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As my supra is standing still in a garage, far faar away, and im unable to drive with it for a long, looong time i look back at the nice memories i have with her for comfort. One of these (special) memories was not long after i bought her. I was cruising along the highway as suddenly a dense cloud of smoke came out of the engine room. 'Holy Crap'! i thought as i was taking off in the nearest exit to check the engine. And to my relief it was only one of the defroster liquid hoses that had sprunk leak, thus leaking a tiny beam of liquid on the manifold. 'oh well' i said to myself. Not a big issue. I'll just drive down to the nearest gas station and buy some new hoses.

Or ....

I coud drive around some and see what kind of reactions i get from people. Yes, a perfect way to kill some time on this rather dull automn day.

So i refilled the car with defroster liquid. And took off. After driving some minutes the smoke that was coming from the engine room hang as a dense tail after the blackpra. Interesting enough, people driving behind me didnt take any safety measures and kept a distance. No, they had to see what was going on, so i got two cars tailing my ass close up, and one driving right beside me staring hes eyeballs out with hes riced out BMW. I downshifted, gave full throttle and left them staring.

As i was coming into town i decided to stop by a gas station. Passing the local firestation i drove around that 2 or 3 times. I got no reaction, they were probably on a mission-'impossible' assignment rescuing a kitten from a garden tree or something.

Coming in to the gas station and turning the car off, the smoke-'generator' now intensified, and after some minutes the front area off the station was consumed with smoke. I got a lot of reactions, not at least from the staff who was a bit conserned given the fact that i parked a car that presumebally was on fire on a area that contained and hold a lot of flamable liquids. But i managed to convince them of the real problem, and bought the hoses i needed.

That was really the short version of the story. I did stop by a mechanical shop and asked them what i shoud do if my engine was on fire. I also stopped by some friends (which i shoudnt have done). But anyways. One of the fine memories i have from the time i drove around in my supra.

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As my supra is standing still in a garage, far faar away, and im unable to drive with it for a long, looong time
In storage for the long cold Norwegian winter, I assume?
ohhhh god....
i hope you realize how much you made me laugh...
i did that a couple months ago when my car over heated, so it wasnt intentional, but i was getting similar reactions.

*still laughing...*
Malibyte said:
In storage for the long cold Norwegian winter, I assume?
Yes, exactly. I woud have driven it in the winter if it hadnt been for the darn salting of the roads here.
Yeah, I do that too. Only with oil. Really not as much fun that way. (I'm getting it fixed soon)
I love on cold mornings at stop lights when my car has that white exhaust coming out of it when I first start itup... I rev it really high and make a big ol smoke screen in the peoples faces behind me, it's wonderful fun.
ahhh man i love that story if i had been in the bimmer i woulda cought back up and gave u a thumbs up man he must have felt like a dork hehe
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