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Got a new car

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Well I was given a new ride the other day by my uncle who had a stroke and is no longer able to drive. He had three cars and gave me his 1994 Lincoln MkVIII. I have to say, although it's not half as cool as my Supra in style, I sure as hell wish my Supra was that fast and in that good of condition. The car has 31k miles on it and looks almost as if he never used it, just about like a new car. The engine is a Mustang Mach 1 engine. 4.6L 32valve quad-cam V8, puts out 290hp and 305lbs of torque. It really moves out. I love the car, but I'm thinking I should keep it for a while then after I graduate, sell it and my mkii Supra and buy a mkiv Supra, hehe.
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must be nice :p

lol, congrats... i drove a bunch of mkVIIIs when i worked for a dealership.
fun cars...did ya know, the suspension lowers when the car hits 80 kph :D

and burnouts are fun in an old person car.
lol, no I didn't know that suspension thing, I'm gonna have to check that out next time I'm driving it.

I've not burnt out yet, but I did get some rubber today next to a ford probe GT, he drives right next to me on a 2 lane street and matches me when I speed up and slow down, so I put it in neutral (its an auto... sad)and rev it up and I hear him take off and his loud ass exhaust roars so I slam it into drive and floor it and the tires leave treads as the front end of the car lifts and I fly past him... hey at least it's rwd huh?
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