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Got a new Supra!

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Actually got it a couple days ago, but I haven't had a chance to share the story. My wife, the troopper and Supra fan she is...drove with me all the way down to Kansas City from Duluth, MN to get it!

The Supra is a '85 Super Deep Red P-type, 120k miles. Interior is near perfect and paint is really nice too, minus a little checking on the driver's side door only. 16-inch rims wearing 245/45zr's on the rear and 225/50zr's on the are Continental ContiSport.

I previously have owned two other mkII's, both were quite used by the time I got my hands on them. This one however has really been taken care of and other than needing a new driver's side door-lock assembly...everything works! I mean everything too, console map light, fog lights, cruise, a/c, and the windows close nice and tight too! Anyway, on to the driving stories:

First of all, motor is mostly stock except for a HKS mega-flow and cat-back is removed too, gotta love MN and no-inspections :lol: It's definitely got more push than a stock setup, especially at higher RPM's. It's lowered a little courtesy of the KONI shocks and KYR shocks and struts. It's also got the thicker KONI sway bars and I plan on getting the strut tower braces that the good folks here are making. There are a couple riced-up Hondas and Neons in town that have a good idea of what the back end looks like, at least until I pulled too far away on them, but this car really shows it's stuff at 70-90mph and it's glued to the ground in the turns too.

This car gets lots of looks! It's nice enough to look almost new and there are so few of them up north that a lot of people ask me if it's some sort of new design! I haven't had a chance to do much racing with it because I've only had it a couple days, I'm going to enjoy this one and not beat it too hard though...until the turbo goes on anyway :wink: This car came with just about everything I need to go 5mgte from a mkIII, turbo has no shaft play and the intercooler and other parts look really nice.

There is just a little rust, it will be attacked though in the next year.

You all have a friend in Duluth, MN...I'll post a few pics as soon as I get a chance!

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pics??? Is it an HKS Catback?
wow nice score. The previous owner a member or former member of the forum or cs list by chance?
I think the muffler is a magnaflow? Not sure exactly what you mean, HKS mega flow the kind semi-sphere green cover for the air intake in place of the original big black box right? The exhaust manifold is stock, then there's a piece of pipe cut to fit the length that the catalytic converter took up, and from there it's just a pipe leading to the muffler. Not exactly legal I know, but if it improves performance...hey, let's do it!

Pics will hopefully be up in the next couple days.

I'm not sure if Keith was a very active online member, but he knew all about the group and listed the car in the for sale section of this website. His handle is racecardaddy I think...

I have been a reading member of the yahoo e-mail group since about the summer of 2000 and I have been to most of you guys' websites dedicated to the mkII and turboing/swapping motors over the past couple years. This really seems like a good group of people. I'll definitely be asking questions in the future about turboing the 5M.

no no, I was talking about the exhaust.
oh RaceCarDaddy, yeah he's been here for a little while. I know Keith.
welcome to the fold... dont enjoy the car too much eh ;)
Congrats! Its also good to know Keith's supra went to a good home where it will continue to be appreciated.

Phil D.
Hey all, here's a link to some pictures my buddy posted on his site for me:

That's Lake Superior in the background...pretty country up here.

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Nice pics!!! Another nice SDR w/ the Black/Gray Cloth interior.

Yep, the exhaust is not the HKS (I would recognize the twin tips). Could be a Magnaflow, or a Flowmaster. Hard to tell...

Now where are the motor pics of the HKS Mushroom??? :D
It is a Magnaflow muffler, it's stamped into the bottom of it. All things considered, I like the muffler as it's pretty quiet until you get on it, then it's loud...but not too loud. We were short on daylight last evening, I'll try to get some motor shots up soon but it may be a couple days.

Nice car! Hey, is that some type of muffler exhaust shield bolted to the bottom of the rear bumper? Can you get a closer pic of that? Thanks.
Man thats a sweet car. So how much did u pay for the car.
fmrsupra said:
Hey all, here's a link to some pictures my buddy posted on his site for me:
Hey, I think I got some rims like yours but mine are only 15" rims

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Thanks for the positive feedback guys, to get to a couple of those questions...first that is a heat shield that was applied by the previous owner, it's just a fabricated piece of metal screwed into the underside of the bumper. I'm not the biggest fan of it but before the Magnaflow muffler, apparently a supertrapp muffler was installed and it burnt the underside of the bumper! The damage is not so bad and I don't think the shield is necessary with the Magnaflow but I just got the car last weekend and haven't had a chance yet to unscrew it and get a good look. I may take it off and trim up the burnt pieces and leave it because anything damaged is out of a person's sight line unless the get down on the ground. I'll probably try to pick up a spoare bumper in the future...getting the car was the important part, playing with it and fixing/modding it can happen on its own schedule.

Price is confidental...I didn't steal the car by any stretch but I did get a fair price. It came with just about all the turbo related parts off a '88 mkIII, the parts are in good condition too as the turbo was recently rebuilt, I think I just need a set of oil lines from Aaron Garney and I have just about everything I need for the GTE setup, car came with rrfpr, APEX S-AFC and just a ton of other stuff still new in the boxes. Even the stock rims are in great shape and I may rotate them in with the aftermarket ones because I like them so much.

On to the rims, I don't know a lot abot this stuff but they are ROH Reflex? and zankone they do look like yours but I don't think they are the same.

Showed the car to my hair-stylist yesterday when I was in for a trim, she and the receptionist both asked me if it was new...I think there is potential for the mkII to become a collector someday, people really do like them I think.

---I'll try to get to a few more pics over the weekend guys
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