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i finally got my 6m installed and i got it from the shop today cost me 543 including two cans of r12 to recharge the system

any who next paycheck i will be getting a 2.5in catback installed and was wandering about the afm trick could it be applied in this case because i do have somewhat of an intake(cheap autozone open filter) and the soon coming exhaust plus the 6m

i do plan in the future getting an afc and hooking it up but i was wandering what else i could do because i really dont wanna spen a lot of money

after i get the motor good and strong i will then proceed to build the suspension and brakes then let it drive me through tech school and afterwards install a 7mgte but im a senior in high school right now so anfter suspension and brakes its only going to be general preventive maintance till the 7m

any who tell me what you think
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