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Has anyone run either or both of these shocks and is there any real difference?

Also, what kind of springs were you running with them, and how was the over all ride comfort and handling?
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I currently have stock springs and GR-2's in the back at least. I'm not sure about the front, but I assume they are GR-2's as well. I found them on there when I got the car. They aren't bad....they just feel stockish. I don't know what good stock feels like as my first 83 has worn out everything, but I definatly want something a bit stiffer.

im running on gas-a-just front and rear with eibach springs. car rides a bit stiffer then stock, but feels very stable at speed and thought turns. i also have ljm front strut bar and custom rear.
I have KYB Gas-a-Just and they ride stiffer than the stock ones w/ stock springs and running also KYB Front Cartraige....
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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