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Here are some more pics of the @Darryl L stripes and a few notes:

1 - I had a pro put them on. I was going to try the "wet" method but the pro said no, these are better done dry and are NOT easy because of how long they are.
2 - The pro was VERY impressed with the quality of the stripes and Darryl's process of making them two-tone which is a much higher quality process than just overlaying two different graphics.

Tire Wheel Cloud Vehicle Sky

Wheel Tire Vehicle Car Automotive parking light

Automotive parking light Grille Automotive lighting Hood Automotive tail & brake light

In the last pic I tried to capture the metallic flake of the gold. Very nice.

My billboard doesn't match exactly but I have one that does. The one I have on is the "translucent" type though so I'm going to leave it for's close enough from the back.

My side "Supra" decal is a near perfect match! Those came from Zen Graphics and they are great quality! Zen Graphics - Supra

Next up will be the @BILLY_GTS rocker and door moldings!
41 - 42 of 42 Posts