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"Gravel guard" - option in Canada?

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Hey all -

I took the Redpra in for a respray last week....went in to check on it today - it looks great so far. I have a question, though - the painter told me that he had found that the car originally came with "gravel guard" - rough "texture" below the rubber door and quarter-panel mouldings which supposedly helps protect against chips from gravel thrown up from the road (though I'm not sure how well this would work!). There was a crappy-looking after-market decal below the mouldings when I bought the car. The painter told me that he believes the car came with this "gravel guard" from the factory because he found it under the original mouldings. The car is from British Columbia...was this ever offered up there as an option?? He took the liberty of replacing it...looks fine, but I've never seen it on any other Supra down here. Anyone else seen this before?

Just curious....Bob
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MKII boy said:
my '83 P-type has the rough texture on the bottom half of the car; i live in Alberta, Canada.

on a side note, the dipsh*t who owned my Supra before me had the car repainted; the color he chose was a medium metallic blue, but he didn't get the car undercoated, so it's still dark metallic blue underneath. also he didn't replace the original factory side mouldings; so he had some half-assed flat plastic moulding put on the car. i realized this when i was adoring the angled pics of Malloy's Supra; i went outside to investigate my car, and i noticed that the half-assed trim didn't fill the notches in the fender flares.

i hate to admit this, but on the outside, my Supra is a damned lemon. the very bottom of the quarter panels are far too rusty and underneath the rear bumper it's rust infested as well. on both bumpers, the paint is chipped and cracked; my brake discs are rusty, as are the wishbones. also, the rubber bushings on the suspension are all cracked; the shocks and struts are worn out, and the motor leaks a tiny bit of oil from time to time and it burns a bit as well. although, other than these oil issues, the drivetrain is fairly strong.

i'm just a 17 year old with a $7/hour sh*t job, and i can't afford to fix all of the things i want to on my car when my insurance is $230 a month for liability only. oh well, i guess that's what you get when somebody buys a used car for you without you seeing it first. when i first set my eyes on the car, i though it was in excellent shape; i soon found out otherwise :cry:

-Evan (i still love my Supra to death, though)

p.s. sorry for going on a rant here, i just get mad at my car and the previous owner for all of these imperfections.

Hey I didnt know we had another Calgarian here...right on :D
Your car sounds like mine :( It was repainted badly, has the flat strip molding (must have been a sale) and all the rust issues. On a side note I also have the gravel guard.
I'll send you a PM.
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