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isn't 40 a little fast to be going over any kind of big bump? I know my car would hate me if I did that to her

TanyasMk2Blackpra said:
Just looking for opinions. I have 2 mk2s, I just found out last week that the undercarriage is practically crap on my Blackpra, but the body is so awesome. Very minimal rust around the gas door and on the sunroof. NO scratches or dents at all. There are a few parts of the undercarriage that worry me, that I'm wondering if it's worth the trouble to switch out the parts. The drivers rear lower control arm is almost completly deteriorated ( which now I don't go over speed bumps at 40mph anymore ) and the piece in the front, drivers side that goes from under the radiator to somewhere else, looks bad too. There are a couple of creases on the sides where the back seats are that I figure can be welded up, other than that everything else looks OK. The body on my Blupra isn't all that great but the undercarriage is. I was just making sure that my Blackpra is still the one I want to restore

'85 Blackpra 5 cyl.
'84 Blupra donor
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