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Half-shaft/Carrier seal Q's

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Picked up my True-Trac'd rear yesterday, and noticed the half-shaft (side-shafts?) seals were leaking when it's tilted on it's side.

Is there any prep for the seals to function correctly (like driving the car to heat them)? I was going to install the rear today, but was reluctant 'cause I have no extra seals to swap in if those are bad.

I know some cars' output shaft seals (transmission) can leak if the car isn't driven for a period of time; I was curious if the same is true for new seals.
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You probably have grooves worn in the output shafts. They pop right out if you want to take a look. Changing to new seals may actually cause a leak, since the old seals were worn into that groove. I imagine a decent machine shop can stick some of those SS sleeves on the shafts.

When I did mine, I had to hunt around to find a set of shafts that were not grooved real bad.
I'll check the shafts today. Thanks
I have three sets of side-shafts. Each have more groove than Motown. So I decided to replace the new seals with the older seals from another carrier. Replaced the left side; fixed that leak.
But now I'm having a PITA time pulling the right shaft. It seems like the retaining spring clip may be wedged in the splines (somehow) and won't release the shaft. :mad:

Looks like I need a larger puller.

*Note - test drove the new LSD; kicks arse! Can't wait to try it at the track (whenever I control this anal leakage).
Get one of those sleeve repair kits at the part store if you can get one in the right size. Other than that you can drive the seal to a different depth so its out of the groove. HTH
Sleeve repair kits? Please define (parts nomenclature / where to purchase); sounds like the best alternative.
Hey Cheappower82,
I think Silver means these things, but I don't know how you'd go about getting the proper size, maybe with a micrometer???

They kinda explain how to pick the sleeve in this page. I'm sure there's other brands, but have heard good things about this one before.
Best source is probably a local machine shop. These sleeves are std stuff in the machine repair world. They would have the measuring equip and the knowledge of how to fit them.
Sounds like a plan. I'll check around town this week. If I go this route, I'll make sure to take pics.

Thanks, DS
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