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Haunted locks

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Quick question from my buddy's house:
I parked my car on friday night, and apperently I closed the door on the seatbelt. When I came out the light in the foot well was on and I thought "aw crap, dead battery". It started up fine, but then the eletronic locks started being freaky. All the way here they were popping open repeatedly at machinegun speed. It doesn't matter if the car is on or the door is open. I'm going to try to find out if I can take the fuse out now, I'll check back here later.

Edit: Okay, I think I fixed it.
When I went to look at the fuse box there was a little black rectangular thing hanging down behind the break pedal (it looks like one of the plastic tabs that attached it to something broke off). It was making wierd cackleing noises in time with the lock unlocking too, so I yanked it off.
It says it's the door controll (it also says "hardtop" for some reason). So I guess I need a new one of these (eventually, the locks still work manually). How much are they and can I get one at the dealer (or off an 80-whatever Celica)?

Edit again: Drove home, apperently the black box doesn't contain anything essential.
Studdenly this perplexing problem of mine has become rather lame :oops:. I wonder why having the door slightly ajar for 24h would cause it to freak out like that though :? ...
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thats the door control relay, it controls how the locks work. If you look at it you'll see that it has like 3 spots on it to clip onto a metal tab. You might be able to reattach it using one of the other spots
Well, yeah. I'll do that when I get a new one that doesn't smell like burning and cause my car to freak out.
I'll be checking the local junkyard Celicas (that's all they have :cry: ) on Tuesday or Wendsday, can I get anybody anything? :D
where exactly is this relay located? I have been having some trouble with the auto lock feature and would like to give this part a look at
theres an 83 supra at Ralphs Empire in Abbotsford. Its pretty complete and should have the relay. Don't mess up the dash in that car!
i beleive the door control relay is behind the door panel...isn't it?, i always noticed it there.....i beleive mine is crapping out but not that bad, it doesn't allow you to lock the i have to hold down the locks until they stop...
-TOYMAN: mine was hanging down behind the brake pedal, so a normal, non-broken type relay should be mounted up in there somewhere.
-the Fiend: Thanks man, I won't mess up the dash, but if the interior's blue I may have to gank some other stuff.
-trdmkii: Like I said, mine's behind the brake pedal. I have an 84 canadian P-type, your milage may vary. My locks would spaz occationaly before too, I guess the thing was on it's way out.
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