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Head Ache

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:cry: My head work woes keep getting worse, I found a set of stock cams but now need followers (lifters). The dealer wants $74 each - I can't count that high for a set of 12.

Are there any options, do you need to replace the followers with the cams? are there aftermarket brands around?

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HOLY CRAP!! :shock:

$74 for EACH lifter!??! I'll be following this thread also. From the sounds of the motor, it seems it may be in need of new lifters when I reach to point of rebuilding the head. Sheesh, $74 each.

Shaking his head in utter disbelief. Why Toyota? Why?
Why do you need new lifters? Ive really never seen them go bad, unless they're scratched on the pivot. In that case just have a machine shop buff it up. Make sure you flush the old ones submerged in oil and they should be good to go. If you really need new/rebuilt ones, I can get them from topline for ~40 each.

How about the rockers, do these need to be replaced with the cam?

Nope, it is not necessary. The thing with replacing these parts is to visually inspect them for excessive wear. Use your best judgement as to what excessive is. But look for deep scratches and worn valleys. Anything short of that can be buffed out and put back in.

Look on my cylinder head rebuild page to see pictures of whats good and whats bad. Just follow the link in my sig.

I think its going on this weekend, woo-hoo!!!!! Only a little over a year since I started LOL.
Thanks for all the help - It turns out the lifters are OK but I need to change the rockers. I found a set at about $20 us each so my wallet breathes a heavy sigh of relief.

I've now had the head shaved, decked and ported. Does anyone have any suggestions as to other mods I can do given the cars all apart and I have to wait 10 days for parts?
I don't know just how apart you took your motor, but deburr the block if its apart. If its still together, take the pan off and loosen/retorque the main/rod bolts one by one. I didn't and a nut came loose one week after a head rebuild and tossed a rod out the side of the block.

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