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Head Gasket

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OK my head gasket blew the other day. I dont trust myself enough yet to do this on my own. I am taking it to the garage down the street and he said itll cost me between 850 to 950 he said i need a new timing belt and all that fun stuff. Anyone that has had this done please tell me if I am gettin ripped off!!!!
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I am in the midst of a bhg repair on my 5mge, the shop will have enough labor in the job to justify that cost. It is a PITA.
If I had the discretionary funds to pay for the job and not do it myself I would buy a 6mge and drop it in( and I may anyway if this 5mge gives me any more reason)

That does seem like alot. And I'm sure you can call around for a lower price. But it's definatley some heart surgury for the car :shock:

Trust would be my biggest concern for hiring for a job like this too.
I'm thinkin maybe setup a time w/a reputable machine shop where you take the car there, take off the head yourself, have them clean & measure the surfaces that day. You come back that day or two and torque the head + gasket back in less then a good days work(assuming your mechanic skills). Have some help from the people at the shop or a friend put the head back on very gently, don't want no dents on the surface. Plus you feel your doing a better job for the money.

But I understand this being too much to handle. Just suggesting after you do it once. It gets much easier every time after :lol:

Info on Head [email protected]
Info on Blown Head [email protected]
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Get your self a Hayne manual and do the job your self. I did mine with NO EXPERIENCE. If you can read , its not that bad. I had the hjead resurfaced valves ground & new sets & seal for $125. Got a NAPA gasket kit for $90 and put it back together. It took me a few days off & on at night. Once I finished, cranked up with no problems. Only thing I can do is torque the crank bolt. Give it a try & you will be very satisfied.
Dick B.
That price is probably about right, if you wanna do it yourself you'll need a lot more than just the gasket, all the surfaces from the intake and what have not will need to be cleaned, you should take the head to a machine shop to have it checked for cracks, leaks and warpage.....i'm currently in the middle of it and can only work on it on sundays...blah....well good luck with it, but for labor and parts 850 is not a horrible price, sounds outrageous but if they are a reputable shop then you might want to have them do it.......also they probably warranty their work and if your afraid that you may mess up, then take it to a shop....
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