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Header coating???

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I just got my headers and I want to know whats the best stuff to coat them with I was going to use that Thermol paint 1200f $#!+ and someone told me that the header heat will make the paint dark so I just dont know what to do anymore???
Someone also told me something about Jet coating or something? :?

By the way I wanna say think you to "mk2drift AKA Tim" For selling me his headers and to wish him the best of luck with his Turbo swap!!! THX ALOT MAN
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Just get them ceramic coated :p
Jet Hot

Look up JetHot coatings. They've been recommended a few times...
Yeah, my DT is jet hot coated and has a silvery look to it.
Jet Hot is the best in the biz at high temp coating. You can get the standard chromish finish, flat black, and IIRC some other colors as well. Cost is about $200 for the typical Mk2 header. There are cheaper places but most don't have quite as nice a finish as Jet Hot. Most of the high temp spray paints don't hold up well on the manifold over time.
I can get your header ceramic coated for $220, plus return shipping. This coating is good up to 1350 degrees F, and will last quite a long time. The header coating is also guaranteed, and will have the same appearance (cermachrome) as the shiny intake pipe I offer here:
I can get any metal piece coated, and offer a few different colors as well. Ceramic coated blue, black, titanium (all good to 2000 degrees!), and a couple versions of gray.
THX for the offer But at the moment Im holding off for the moment.
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