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hey all i just got another supra (yes this is supra #4). and i admit i have MSS. but anywho i picked up the car for $275 CDN cuz the front and back was run over by a dump truck. engines still runs good though. well anyways i got myself a bonus cuz it came with a header. i dont know what kind it is but it appeards to have a 1/2" flange and the 02 sensor is uner the one of Y pipes. does this sound familiar? has it been relocated? i'm guessing its pacestter but do u guys know if its a DT header?
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Can you post a pic of it? 8)
well i dont have a digi cam but if i could get my friend to take a pic and sent it to me that would work cuz he's got a digi cam. it might be hard to tell what it is cuz its still in the car.
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