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Heading to the drags August 1st

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I am gona take the car to PIR aug 1st and see what it will do in the 1/4 mile with the 4.30 rear end. On the dyno I was doing 102 at 6200 so I may have to shift just before hitting the traps (I hope I break 100 anyway).

Anyone want to take a guess at what my best time will be? Check my website for mods and numbers.
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I will guess 13.40's at right around 100 8)
You're easily going to have to go into 5th gear in the quarter with 4.30s. My car with a lot less hp ran out of the power band at least a 100 ft before the finish line in 4th. I just rode it out in 4th gear but the car just flat dies past 6k. I don't see why you couldn't run very low 13s high 12s with nearly 280 rwhp if you can get traction and keep the car in one piece. Make sure to bring your helmet or you'll get booted after your 1st run in the 13s.
Yeah, I'm hitting 5K+ RPM's at the end of the quarter in fourth (4.10:1 gears). Considering I'm at 13.8 @ 103 with a 6M-GTE (not built), ct-26 @ 7psi; low thirteens are expected for you. :evil2: Now go kick some domestic azz!!
I'll take a guess at 12.8 at 107 MPH. (This is assuming you haven't lightened the car any, and you run with a spare tire and a quarter tank of gas. Every 100 lbs you remove takes off 2 tenths and adds 1 MPH.)
Your times could be a bit slower (up to a half second slower) if you don't get good launches due to bad track conditions or less than sticky tires. Your MPH should be pretty close to 107 though.
Let us know how you do!
I will be running without the spare in the trunk. I will remove everything from the glove box and like compartments. Will take the washer res out also. The tires are 225/60/14 Les schwab aquaflow GTX. They seem pretty decent. I have about 30% left on them.
Well its all in the 60ft for the actual ET. But I agree dean in that you should definetly trap at leist 105mph. My talon before it had anything really done to it dynoed in at 280awhp. I ran a [email protected] babying it (cause the motor was new and I was just breaking it in with the stock turbo) and the talon was weight 3240 with me in it. Our cars are a bit lighter, so with a good launch Im sure low low 13's or high 12's are possible. Good luck, and make sure to viderecord it so we can all watch :twisted:
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