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Headlight switch Broke!

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I went to turn the lights on the other night and instead of making the usual 4 clicks to raise and turn on the headlights it just slid to the full on position. The lights did raise and turn on but the switch is now loose and the slightest bump or useing the turn signals makes the headlights flicker on and off. PITAAA!! My questions is: Can the switch at the end of the turn signal stalk be replaced or do you have to replace the whole stalk like I'm thinking?
Has anybody had this problem or had to replace the turn signal stalk? I don't have a clue how to get it off, let alone get a replacement for it. :-( Help please!
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You usually have to replace the entire combination switch (which consists of both stalks) on most cars. Sometimes you can do just one stalk. Usually you have to remove the steering wheel and a few screws to get at it. You'll probably have to remove the lower trim panel to get at the electrical plugs (they are down by your right knee). Your best bet is used on this. They are expensive on most any car new from the dealer.
And to make this even worse..... Because your headlights go up/retract differently on the 82's, you'll also need to get a wiper/turn signal lever assembly from a 82. Best thing to do, is get a junkyard one.

More than likely, what has happened, is that the little cup/race thingy on the headlight knob, has broken, or worn out & the ball bearing has fallen out. This is usually the most common problem.

Steering wheel, steering column cover & the lower dash panel will all need to come off, in order to get the levers/wiring harness out & disconnect the harness plugs (there are 2 of them that you need to unplug).

Prices will vary, the lever assembly that I pulled out of a 84 (that I have for a spare) was around $70. All because it's that latter 84+ assembly that in addition to the wipers/turn signals/headlight functions, it also has the cruise control adjustments, and the one that I snagged just happened to have perfect ink writing on it w/ no wear at all.
my new 82 supra does that but when the headlights are on i keep on turning it over and they will finally click and not flicker
Replace the whole stalk.....Don't even mess with the individual switches..unless you got alot of time a patience.....At the right J.yard....Mabey $20.00.
I have the same proble on an 83. I cant find an 83 combo from salvage but I did manage to find an 85. I know the right stalk on the 85 is different because of the cruise control but the left (head light) stalk looks the same.

If I transplant an 85 headlight stalk into an 83 combo switch, will it work?
my new car had that same problem, but im lucky enough to be surrounded by 82s...just pulled the parts and replaced them.
theres the 19mm nut on the steering wheel, then the phillips screws and 10mm bolts holding the dash under cover, then 4 phillips holding the two black covers around the steering column, then four screws holding the combination switch in place, then three clips holding the wires, one is a difficult spring clip, and the other two are held in by two phillips screws each.

if you cant find one locally, i can look around to see if ive got another one.
I found a good 'exterior' check on the making sure the switch is right is look behind the stalk, on the stalk, for the 'knob model #'. You can see this from the outside looking in as this # faces the dash. (ex. My '82 and '84 were xxx-134)

This way you can scan several celicas, supras, and other toyotas and pull the right Wired switch.

Thanks Ken and dogstar. I managed to pick one up today in a junkyard. :D
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