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And to make this even worse..... Because your headlights go up/retract differently on the 82's, you'll also need to get a wiper/turn signal lever assembly from a 82. Best thing to do, is get a junkyard one.

More than likely, what has happened, is that the little cup/race thingy on the headlight knob, has broken, or worn out & the ball bearing has fallen out. This is usually the most common problem.

Steering wheel, steering column cover & the lower dash panel will all need to come off, in order to get the levers/wiring harness out & disconnect the harness plugs (there are 2 of them that you need to unplug).

Prices will vary, the lever assembly that I pulled out of a 84 (that I have for a spare) was around $70. All because it's that latter 84+ assembly that in addition to the wipers/turn signals/headlight functions, it also has the cruise control adjustments, and the one that I snagged just happened to have perfect ink writing on it w/ no wear at all.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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