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my headlights aren't synchronized at all. i turn them on and one comes up. the other just stays down. so then i turn them off to see if the left one (the one that came up) will go down. it does, but then the right one comes up.

i've went out and pushed the right one down, and after that it works just fine.. but every couple of days it does the same thing. any ideas on how to fix it? or why they're doing this?
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i had this same problem....

there is the search button, but since im bored, ill explain how to do it here.

basically, you go in there
-when the headlights are down, the light thats up, you remove the black plastic surrounding the headlight.
-then theres a lil plastic cup, on the end of a threaded rod.
unclip that and let it fall down, youll need it later, but now, now your gonna remove the whole headlight housing... belive me, its easier this way.
-theres about 5 bolts and nuts holding the whole headlight assembly in.
pull it out, and set it aside.
-find the lil threaded rod with the plastic cup, and theres a bolt that connects it to the motor, loosen it.
-go in the car, and raise the headlights up.
-grab your threaded rod, and lift it up so its at about the same angle as the one on the other headlight, and make sure that the part that bolts it to the headlight motor is able to turn into place so that the end that connects to the threaded rod is pointing roughly up.
-tighten the bolt connecting it to the motor.
-have your friend hold the light in position, and check to see that the plastic cup can still clip on the knob where it came off of... if not, you can turn the rod to adjust the length.
-smile, and reassemble in reverse order, and it should all come into place for you :)
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heh.. yeah, i forgot about searching. next time i have a question that might have been answered i'll search for it. thanks for the info though, it really worked.
no worries, i had asked it a while ago, and its still a PITA to find the exact post that tells you what to do, so i figured id just type it out.

glad it got you lit up again.
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