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Supra Mario Brother said:
how the hell do i remove the headliner? maybe i'll figure it out by morning but it's half dark right now and i cant figure it out. how do the "oh-shit" handles come out?
It's not as difficult as you may think.

* Remove the A-Pillar trim (pull the top edge down/out and slide it upwards)
* Remove B-Pillar trim (remove 1 screw from the plastic cover where the seatbelt enters the lower trim also remove top seatbelt bolt)
* C-Pillar trim doesn't have to come out but will have to pull out the top edge.
* Pull off the edge trimming above the windows, windshield and sunroof surround.
* The rear "oh shit" handles---see the small, rectangular plugs on the outer corners? Pop those out and remove the screws.
* The front handle---Pull the soft, square covers out slightly then slide them along the length of the handle. They'll only slide a little but that's all you need. Remove the screws.
* Remove the mirror (pop the cover and remove the 2 screws), remove the sunroof control cover and remove the dome lite assembly.

It's best to remove the center stuff last for this will keep the headliner in place while removing the other parts.

Head in the clouds.
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