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Heating upgrades

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It sounds like a lame thing to do, but it's getting cold outside. I'm freezing my ass off and my windows get dangerously foggy.
Anybody got any ideas for improvements?
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Just make sure your heater works. Mine blows so hot I can warm my coffee with it!
Troubleshoot your system per the TSRM. Undoubtly, you have something not working correctly, when our heaters work, they work extremely well. Is your system blowing warm air at all? If not then you have an open or a short in the system somewhere. If it is but not hot, then my guess would be the water valve or the vacuum switch that turns it on and off. Also, be sure your coolant is full and completely burbed of air. An air bubble in the heater core will greatly reduce how well it heats.

Hope this helps a little.

you can get 12v heaters that can heat your car up... they sell de-frosters too that work the same way, all off your lighter outlet... you can find them at most truck stops yeee haw 10-4 Im over an out
If the system is full and the engine is coming up to temp, you can bypass the heater control valve and hook it up to run full heat. You can rig some manual valve if you want some control.
If the windows continue to fog, your heater core may be leaking.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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