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Hella European Headlight upgrade

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Does anyone have any comparison pictures of stock lights vs. Hella Euro upgrade lamps?

I love the look of the true white light that modern euro cars emit at night, those aftermarket arctic blue bulbs i keep seeing around on cars look cheap tho.

I think the euro cars use 'xenon' light bulbs or something??

anyway can you get those into the MKII?

even in the fog lights would be great!

Also i have tried the fog light wiring guide and the wiring in my aus-spec 84 MKII as different wiring colours then in those guides. Plus i dont have a 'Map light switch', i think theres a coin holder in place of that map switch in my car...
Help/suggestions anyone? :D :lol:
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ah my bad,

just did a little light bulb searching....

turns out you can get H4 xenon bulbs to fit the housing in the guide :D

Does anyone know where i could find these Hella European Headlights: 200mm Rectangular H4 in Australia?
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If you are thinking of what the headlights that come on high price cars these days you are talking about HID headlights. You can buy generic H4 conversion kit for HID. In the US you can expect to pay $400+ for the conversion kit. Quite a bit of difference between Xenon bulbs and true HID (especially in price).
Foglight rewire for AUS spec MKII's


Re: Foglight rewire for AUS spec MKII's.

Sorry about that, the US spec cars have "certain" things that the AUS cars don't have. So I'm trying to think of other wiring possibilities that you can tap into, for a power source.

From talking to Danny Tsemitsidis in Adelaide in the past:

The AUS Spec MKII's don't have the "mobile maplight" feature inside their console's. So that rule's out that possibilty. :p

The Power Mirror adjustment switch is located on the dashboard somewhere, unlike the North American MKII's, where the switch is on the console. Strike 2. :p

On the North American 84 - 86's, the On/Off switch for the rear window wiper is also located on the console, this is another wiring location that you can tap into for a power source. The AUS spec rear window wiper switch is where???? Console or dashboard????

Otherwise, I'm not sure of another safe wire/power source that you can tap into. "Maybe" the Cig Lighter???

For the North America cars, we have 2 - 3 possible locations that you can tap into. Mobile Maplight, ECT switch for the Auto tranny (for the illuminated light), (these 2 power sources will let you turn on the fogs when the parking lights turn on), or the rear window wiper switch on the 84 - 86's (this allows you to turn on the fogs at anytime, the parking lights don't need to be on).

Mr. Wizard has run out of other ideas... :oops:
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You can get HID conversions for your car. You will need to first get the H4 conversion. Companies do offer the hi/lo combination for the HID H4 which cost $100-$200 more than standard HID conversions.

After getting the Raybrig MSR H4 conversion, I attempted the HID conversion. The issue I was having is that the lead from the ballast to the bulb was too short. I couldn't relocate the ballast far enough away from the headlamp area. So everytime the headlamp would close it would hit the ballast and not close all the way. You have to make sure the leads are long enough. The Raybrig MSR's give plenty of light especially since they don't have the bulb shield that most conversions do. If you've removed them onyour foglights, then you know this makes a big difference in lighting.

G'day how are you?
I had the same problem with you about the fog light rewire. Look at my Picture. I have my fog lights on, it is easy and is an Aussie Spec MA61.

<==== Fog lights are switched on.

Firstly remove all the center console and all the trim around the radio.
Pull out the radio and run a test light on the wires. Look for the one i believe is green with brown dots on it (Don't take my word, I can't remember, its 1:40am)... This is the wire which switches on the lights for the radio. Chaffe the wire, run a wire from that to the fog/driving light switch. I belive the wire on the switch with the red wire is where the 'hot' wire from the radio connects to. Use the test band and flick the high light on. The wire that lights up when the high light on, cut it off and graft the wire which runs from the radio. Always check and make sure that the wires are covered from short circuit and remember to check before you cut.

Bob's your uncle you have a foglight. Make sure you have actual foglight lens on the car and not the Australian Spec driving light lens. I have been pulled up once and warned. I changed to Japanese Yellow fogs and now i am running white fog lens from Europe (I think).

I take no responsibility if anything stated here like wire colour is wrong. I am doing it by memory since it has been a while


Copyrighted wiring concept to me!
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To reply your question, We have the rear demister, wiper and washer located on the on the opposite side to the cruise control switch. And even then we have the set, cancel and resume switch on a rotor type dial on/beside the cruise main switch. (in the pic it's where the oil change dial is)

The mirror adjustment is on the left hand side of the lower dash were you guys have the trip computer stuff?!?

Anyway here is an image of a non typical Aus Spec Supra interior to show where we have the power mirror and rear windscreen wipers.


Picture of the interior
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:shock: That's a nice looking interior! 8) The wiper/rear defrost switch in that pic is found in 82-83's out here. I like it a lot better compared to the wiper switch on the center console in the 84+. I dunno how many times I've hit that thing or my passenger will hit it. :roll:
Back on the topic of lights, there are a few things you might want to keep in mind. Since you are in australia, you will not be able to use the standard E-code lights that we use here in the US. The reason is becuase since you guys drive on the other side of the road, it would be pretty unsafe to do so. E-code lamps have a slanted beam pattern that looks something like this : _/ the idea is that the light is directed away from oncoming traffic. You would need to get JDM or UK-spec lights. check out this link for more info on ecodes:

Also I have driven a few cars with HID lights and they are absolutely terrible. They might look cool but the light coverage and color you get from E-code halogen lights is much better. For facts to back this up, check here:
and for why you should not use an HID upgrade kit check here:

I hope this helps people out and sets the record straight.
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Ah great, this has cleared up a few questions of mine :p

just one other thing, the standard lights on the MKII are H1 right?

i it would be a better idea to upgrade to H4 lights with xenon H4 globes right?

ZZT231: i shall pull the radio out tongiht and have a look. cheers for the info!

btw i tried connecting the 'green' wire from behind the cig lighter to the switch to use as a 'hot' wire and BOOOM!

took out 3 fuses, 2 in the kick panel and 1 in the engine bay.... i tells ya i was freakin out when it happened!
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make sure when you wire the foglight that you don't connect the cigrette light wire to the highlight 'hot' wire, it needs to be replace as the 'hot' wire/trigger wire. You may have connected the highlight 'hot' wire and the parking light wire which cause the fuses to go.

As for H1 light thing, Most cars have H4 Halogen lamps. H1 in Australia is illegal to be used on the road. They are for Off-road use only.

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