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Foglight rewire for AUS spec MKII's


Re: Foglight rewire for AUS spec MKII's.

Sorry about that, the US spec cars have "certain" things that the AUS cars don't have. So I'm trying to think of other wiring possibilities that you can tap into, for a power source.

From talking to Danny Tsemitsidis in Adelaide in the past:

The AUS Spec MKII's don't have the "mobile maplight" feature inside their console's. So that rule's out that possibilty. :p

The Power Mirror adjustment switch is located on the dashboard somewhere, unlike the North American MKII's, where the switch is on the console. Strike 2. :p

On the North American 84 - 86's, the On/Off switch for the rear window wiper is also located on the console, this is another wiring location that you can tap into for a power source. The AUS spec rear window wiper switch is where???? Console or dashboard????

Otherwise, I'm not sure of another safe wire/power source that you can tap into. "Maybe" the Cig Lighter???

For the North America cars, we have 2 - 3 possible locations that you can tap into. Mobile Maplight, ECT switch for the Auto tranny (for the illuminated light), (these 2 power sources will let you turn on the fogs when the parking lights turn on), or the rear window wiper switch on the 84 - 86's (this allows you to turn on the fogs at anytime, the parking lights don't need to be on).

Mr. Wizard has run out of other ideas... :oops:
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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