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You can get HID conversions for your car. You will need to first get the H4 conversion. Companies do offer the hi/lo combination for the HID H4 which cost $100-$200 more than standard HID conversions.

After getting the Raybrig MSR H4 conversion, I attempted the HID conversion. The issue I was having is that the lead from the ballast to the bulb was too short. I couldn't relocate the ballast far enough away from the headlamp area. So everytime the headlamp would close it would hit the ballast and not close all the way. You have to make sure the leads are long enough. The Raybrig MSR's give plenty of light especially since they don't have the bulb shield that most conversions do. If you've removed them onyour foglights, then you know this makes a big difference in lighting.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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